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Gilmore Station

Gilmore Station

Los Angeles, CA - Farmers Market Gilmore Station.  As the automobile became a staple throughout the West, Gilmore Gas stations popped up everywhere and helped fuel drivers' love affair with the automobile. There were more than 1,100 of them that sold only Gilmore products and another 2,400 that sold them along with other brands. The Company's Blu-Green gas pumps had glass containers so customers could see the colored gas flow.


    All prints signed and numbered.  Edition limits: 150 - 16x24, 100 - 20x30, 50 - 24x36.  Custom sizes available upon request.


    Would you like your print framed?  Please let us know during the shopping cart checkout process.  We will be happy to contact you to discuss pricing.  NOTE:  Framing requests limited to Los Angeles area.

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