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Bridaveil Falls

Bridaveil Falls

Bridalveil Fall is perhaps the most famous waterfall in North America that isn't named Niagara. Punctuating the first sprawling views of Yosemite Valley regardless of the point of entrance to Yosemite Park, Bridalveil Fall lunges 620 feet over an undercut ledge, free-falling to the valley floor in a swirling column of mist and droplets which often produce rainbows (in the afternoon).

    All prints signed and numbered.  Edition limits: 150 - 16x24, 100 - 20x30, 50 - 24x36.  Custom sizes available upon request.


    Would you like your print framed?  Please let us know during the shopping cart checkout process.  We will be happy to contact you to discuss pricing.  NOTE:  Framing requests limited to Los Angeles area.

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